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Make your world better when you share your gift. How can you do it successfully? How do you find your own voice? This is for the conscious person who is prepared to live in soul abundance with success and honesty as byproducts. Adele is a South African in Hawaii - More at www.adele-green.com/tree/


Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW introduce:


What is “Naked with Adele” chat show about?


Adele is the author of 2 published books, Can You See Me Naked & Empowering Women. Her personal development books, CD’s and Workshops help her coach clients in developing their emerging feminine. Before becoming an author, she was a Professional Corporate Buyer in Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Fashion.

Adele Green is a Transformation Specialist and one of the things she does is interview feminine roles models on her chat show. These experts share their stories, tools and tips to support and inspire women with the daily challenges they are facing whilst on their internal journey. More information here



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A real-time conversation with a real couple demonstrating a conscious relationship:

1) What is a conscious relationship not?
2) What is a conscious relationship?
3) What makes an equal relationship between a man and woman beyond power games?
Learn how you can break habits/patterns when you disagree or blame your partner inside your relationship.
Adele and Clayton recorded this spontaneous conscious conversation in 2011 and got married in 2013.
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