Naked with Adele

Teaching feminine leadership skills to women through interviews with successful leaders

What is Naked with Adele about?



As you listen to other successful feminine leaders you can model their feminine skills for success in your own life's changes. Our mothers would teach us this if they could, but they lives in different times when life was slower!

If you are between 37 and 50 and experience yourself unsatisfied with the life you created, listen up. You might feel unheard or used. You might experience things bothering you that never did before. You might find that events turned your life upside down. Or maybe you just feel different and don't know why. The pent up emotions can lead to a life crises and challenge the value of your life - your career, your relationship and you find yourself asking questions you can answer.

I could not find answers for the changes that was driven from deep within my soul. I travelled, I dreamed, I cried and then little by little the insights came. I felt like I lost myself before it all started to make sense. Words came for my feelings. I wrote a book about it and then a blog, a workshop and then a bigger website and more books. The pilot podcasts was downloaded over 50 000 times. I realised women wanted to know and this became the foundation for me teaching women to find their own voices. I no longer just wanted to tell my story. I now share other women's successful stories and seek out feminine role models.

Every woman can contribute with her story to the collective. I believe our roles are changing and the soul call is coming from within. Men also have a feminine voice when they wake up their sensitivity, but it starts with us. 

Women are the cornerstones of society and our inner wisdom is the best advice we will ever get and give for the unknown times to come.

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