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We all have a story that shape our lives. I dedicate my podcasts to the emerging feminine. The time to use everything that shaped you has come. Use your voice, join the conversations and get wired into the community of women that is changing the world. Make your world better by showing up as yourself I have been teaching about feminine leadership. Now is the time to use it.This is for the conscious person who is prepared to live in soul abundance contributing to community.
Adele is a South African in Hawaii - More at www.adele-green.com/tree/

September 21, 2017

Episode 40: Regina Jonga - Divorce stress turns domestic into overnight body building success story

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:


Divorce stress turns domestic into overnight body building success story


Adele Green interviews Regina Jonga, ex Zimbabwean domestic worker turned her sorrow from choosing a divorce into exercising to feel better. Her story of success became overnight headline news and it inspired her to perform better and better empowering many other women who feel hopeless about the lives they live.

Regina continues to win international competitions. In this interview we explore:

  • How her life as a married women and mother in Zimbabwe changed
  • Her body building successes, including sponsorships and being an ambassador for Nutrition
  • Her first competition and how long it took people to take her sport seriously
  • Limited resources is no obstacle if you are determined to have a better life
  • Her exercises kept her healthy and improved her self esteem
  • Her decision to leave her life in Zimbabwe behind
  • Small successes helped her to believe in herself
  • The importance of self respect even if no else gave it to her
  • How it feels to be acknowledged
  • The difference a women’s motivation can make in society
  • Regina’s dreams of travelling and a big career with humble beginnings

Interviewed by:

Adele Green, Transformation Specialist Coach for women in relationship and Author of www.CanYouSeeMeNaked.com interviews feminine role models to share stories, tools and tips to support and inspire women with daily challenges on their internal journey.



Yes this really is both her and she is still working as a domestic worker.




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