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Make your world better when you share your gift. How can you do it successfully? How do you find your own voice? This is for the conscious person who is prepared to live in soul abundance with success and honesty as byproducts. Adele is a South African in Hawaii - More at www.adele-green.com/tree/

March 13, 2016

Episode 18: Heidi Sawyer - New future leaders of the world

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:


Why we need new future leaders of the world and who they are


Adele Green interviews Heidi Sawyer,Hay House Author and Highly Intuitive Sensitive, and they discuss who are the future leaders of the world in 20 years time.

Heidi Sawyer, is a natural Intuitive-Sensitive with a unique understanding of sensitive people. Heidi is known for her powerful techniques to reveal and work with the deepest parts of your psyche. Her speciality is highly intuitive people, knowing who they are, what affects them in life, and how to engage their incredible skills. Heidi helps intuitive-sensitive people understand their inner-world, she does this using methods to access their subconscious for interpretation, healing and transformation. As an author and online trainer, Heidi speaks regularly at mind & body conferences in the UK and Ireland, her popular webinars and online courses are enjoyed by thousands of intuitive-sensitives worldwide.

In the interview you will find out:

  • How we are affected by stress and why
  • How jobs will change in the future
  • What skills we need for the future needs
  • How our social conscience serves us
  •  What communication skills companies need to develop now
  • How a new way of thinking help us to cope with the speeding up of time
  • Intuitive think differently and this makes them invaluable
  • Is it possible that systems can replace humans or will humans evolve to lead in the future
  • Why developing confidence is vital and better than to withdraw
  • What happened to us as a symbol of what activates our internal opening
  • What we need real courage for
  • What really happened to me in Peru

Interviewed by:

Adele Green, Transformation Specialist Coach for women in relationship and Author of www.CanYouSeeMeNaked.com interviews feminine role models to share stories, tools and tips to support and inspire women with daily challenges on their internal journey.







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